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Woolich Race Tools

Woolich Race Tools

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The Race Tools package allows you to add Autoblipper, Quickshifter, Pit Speed Limiter and Launch Control to the Stock ECU.

We can supply Race tools for most Makes and models please contact us regarding what bike you have!

For example this package for a Yamaha YZF R1 2017 includes:


  • High quality dual direction strain gauge Quickshifter with digitally controlled pressure sensing that can be used in regular or race shift pattern.
  • Shift rod for standard shift configuration*
  • Yamaha Race Tools Type 1 which allows the quickshifter to be plugged into the bikes wiring harness**
  • Race Tools Key to allow the use of the Race Tools on one ECU in the Woolich Racing Tuned software.


Quickshifter Kill times are configurable per gear with 3D maps allowing Kill Times to be set for the full range of TPS and RPM combinations. 

Autoblipper Opening and Duration maps are fully configurable per gear. (Bikes with flyby wire throttle)

Pit Speed Limiter RPM can be configured.***

Launch Control allows you to configure Delay, Launch RPM and Hold Speed.

* Contact us after ordering if you have after-market rearsets or are using a race shift pattern and we will swap the shift rod for a generic rod that can be cut and tapped to the correct length.

** This harness uses the stock exhaust valve plugs on the bike's harness, the stock exhaust valve should be removed from the bike and disabled in the WRT software

*** The Pit Speed Limiter requires the purchase of an additional Pit Speed Limiter harness (see below

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