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High Performance Race Bike Engine Builders 

Here at DART, we are meticulous about every engine build we undertake. Every aspect of the engine is measured, recorded and supplied as a reference for our customers for when the job is completed. We are fastidious about the quality of our engine builds and take great pride in their performance and reliability under the extreme race conditions our customers put them through.

Checking the deck height of the pistons at TDC is an essential part of the engine build process.


Stunning Cerakote Suzuki RG500 engine built for a customer to put into their race bike for the 2021 Race season.

Charge cooled rotary in for a strip, inspection and rebuild before it's next season of racing abuse...

Aixro Rotor Fitted.jpeg

Custom Honda RVF400 build completed for a customer ready for the 2021 race season!

Beautiful knife-edged crankshaft helping to extract every bit of performance from this engine built for a customer. 


DART Motorsport are happy to announce their partnership with BEMSEE. Offering engine builds, tuning and performance parts to the competitors of the MRO 600 Class as well as products and other services at a fantastic member rate. 

Rotax Crank Pin Broekn.jpeg

Broken 660cc 2 stroke twin crank pin. We pressed it all apart and trued the crank back up...

Heavy build up of carbon on some apex seals in this rotary engine, rectified after the build...

Carbon Apex Seals.jpeg

High Quality Products Dealer Annoncement!



Dynojet are leaders in equipment in order to tune your Motorbike engine. Here at DART we can supply, fit and tune any of their products for your application



One of the most prestigious brands for protective equipment and generally around the paddock. Give us a shout for anything Alpinestars!



Market leaders in Quickshifters for OEM manufactures, along with aftermarket applications. With Blip Assist and Power Shifters to offer, we can sort anything you need from Translogic



Number 1 Helmet Manufacture in the world for motorbike crash helmets. we will sure find you the best deal and more importantly, the right style and fit!