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An outline of the cost of your race series for the full year 2021:


Maxxis Sport tyres (purchased from DART Motorsport as these will be barcoded) £118.80

Heidenau WH1 wet tyres £143.40

DART Racing Membership for the year £70

Race entry fee for members at around £80 per race day or £150 per weekend

General maintenance and running of your kart

For Kart or Engine hire, Contact DART Motorsport


This is a rough guideline for what you should need to budget for your season ahead.


Preferred numbers will be on a first come first serve basis.


(DART Motorsport are happy to quote for any other parts required)



The 2022 designated dry tyres are Maxxis Sport


These are barcoded and MUST be purchased through DART Motorsport for batch control reasons.

Wet tyre's must be Heidenau WH1's for the 2020 season. New tyres must be purchased through DART Motorsport

Tyre softener/grip enhancer is NOT permitted.


Weight Limit

The minimum weight for driver and kart at the end of any race is 177kg

Lighter than this will result in disqualification



All track rules and procedures will be enforced by the hosting track. Race series organiser and clerk of the course word is final.


Driving Standards



This section should not be needed as each competitor is expected to abide by all race rules, know all flags and procedures, and have respect for other competitors. Track etiquette, safety and enjoyment is of paramount importance to DART.


Karting is a non-contact sport and competitors WILL be penalised for what is deemed, by marshalls, to be deliberate contact. 


Any issues on track will be dealt with straight after the race in parc-ferme. Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards a competitor or steward will result in a ban from the race series. Any driver who has an issue should talk to the race series organiser(s) and a decision to amend results can be upheld where we see fit.


Failure to adhere to any of the rules stated in this section will result in a ban from the series. The organisers decision is final.



Race fuel and octane booster is not permitted. Standard service station fuel only, including any high octane fuel they supply. NO additional fuelling is to be used. Any additives detected in fuel under analysis will result in disqualification.


Number Board and Championship Stickers

You will be issued with DART stickers, 2 which must be applied to your kart, front and rear. One to your visor.

Other series sponsors stickers will be handed out and must be applied to your kart.

Blue plate with white number