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HEL- Solid Billet Front Master Cylinder

HEL- Solid Billet Front Master Cylinder

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Each master cylinder body takes an hour of machining time to remove the material to exacting standards with the bore measured automatically in cycle.

Each master cylinder is individually finished and assembled by hand and comes with HEL's latest design of lever which allows three ratios from one lever.

The lever features a pill shaped hole into which one of two plugs are inserted, One has an offset hole – with the hole nearest the master cylinder you get a -1 ratio. If you rotate the plug 180 degrees it offers you a +1 ratio and if you use the plug with a central hole you obtain a 1:1 ratio. This means that with a 16mm master cylinder you can obtain a 15/16, 16/16 and 17/16 from one lever and two inserts.

With the 19mm master cyilinder you can obtain an 18/19, 19/19 and a 20/19 from one lever and two inserts.

Lever Ratios
16 Clutch master cylinders or single front brake (smaller CC models)
18 More lever travel and 'feel' on twin caliper systems (larger CC models)
19 Average lever travel but harder feel – a good all rounder
20 Less lever travel and the 'hardest feel' on the lever


HEL Performance Master Cylinders include a fully cnc black lever offering three ratios in one.

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