High Performance Race Engine Builders 

High Performance Race Engine Builders 

Here at DART, we are meticulous about every engine we undertake. Every aspect of the engine is measured, recorded and supplied as a reference for our customers for when the job is completed. We are fastidious about the quality of our engine builds and take great pride in their performance and reliability under extreme race conditions.

Some forged Manley rods being checked for weight matching before going into a high boost application. They always come in within tolerance but we will always check before building...

2 stroke GP barrel we were instructed to modify to get the very best from the engine...

Charge cooled rotary in for a strip, inspection and rebuild before it's next season of racing abuse...

Custom race spec builds for:

Types Of Engine:

Bike Applications:

  • Rotary Specialists

  • Single Cylinders

  • Inline Engines

  • V Layout Engines

  • 2 Strokes

  • Naturally Aspirated

  • Forced Induction

  • High RPM

  • Superbike

  • GP Bikes

  • Sports Bike

  • Moto-Cross

  • Flat Track

  • Supermoto

  • Speedway

  • Grass Track

Car Applications:

  • Circuit Racing

  • Hill Climb

  • Time Attack

  • Drag Racing

  • Fast Road

  • Track Days

Whether you're after the biggest power possible or blueprinting your race engine for certain championship regulations, we are here to help you achieve what you desire... Just ask about our previous successes!

Broken 660cc 2 stroke twin crank pin. We pressed it all apart and trued the crank back up...

Some light port work on a fast road and occasional track use car to ensure good fuel atomisation and increase flow...

Heavy build up of carbon on some apex seals in this rotary engine, rectified after the build...

Our high performance 4 stroke engine for the karting market has been deveoped in house and raced in our UK Karting Championship... Check Out DART Racing to learn more!

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