The pinnacle of 4 stroke karting. After we at DART Motorsport have spent 4 years developing the engines for even better reliability and longevity. 

With the torque they produce, you will definitely know about it when you accelerate out of a corner! Due to its wet clutch design, it is the most forgiving engine producing this kind of power. A very rewarding engine to drive, especially in wet conditions.

Book in a test day and see for yourself!

Aixro XR50

The Aixro XR50 is a kart engine like no other, the rotary engine gives very linear power throughout the rev range. Due to it's cycle type, it creates very low vibration making it a drivable engine on track too. These engines still hold some lap records over and above KZ shifter karts. They require stickier tyres, KZ front brakes, and they run on a 2 stroke oil/fuel mix to lubricate the engine.